7 Best Marketing Automation Tools & Platforms

Best Marketing Automation Tools & Platforms are very essential for any business either small scale or large scale business.

Discover how you can use marketing automation tools and platforms to improve your customer relationships, save time, and increase sales.

Learn about the different types of marketing automation tools that are available to help your business succeed.

There are some of the best marketing automation platforms that will help your business in different sectors.

Why Marketing Automation Tools and Platforms

Marketing automation tools and platforms are needed for modern marketing teams.

They allow you to automate repetitive tasks, saving you time and allowing you to focus on more strategic work.

It can help to improve your marketing results by providing you with powerful analytics and insights into your marketing performance.

7 Best Marketing Automation Tools & Platforms

As a marketing automation analyst, I am often asked what the best marketing automation software is.

While there are many great options on the market, I believe that ease of use is the most important factor to consider when choosing a tool.

After all, if you can’t figure out how to use the software, it won’t do you much good.

With that in mind, here are seven of the best marketing automation tools and platforms, based on ease of use.

HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is a marketing automation platform that helps sales teams generate and qualify leads, score them in real time, and route them to the most qualified reps.

It also provides sales teams with insights about their buyers, including what content is resonating with them and what stage of the buying process they are in.

HubSpot Sales is part of HubSpot’s Marketing Automation Suite, which also includes HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Email.

Together, these tools provide sales reps with the ability to create powerful automated marketing campaigns that nurture leads all the way through to closed deals.

Features of HubSpot Sales

  • Sales CRM
  • Sales engagement tools
  • Quote and CPQ functionality
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Integrations with over 1,090 tools in the HubSpot App Marketplace.


Pardot is a leading marketing automation tool and platform on the market today.

It offers a suite of powerful tools to help marketing and sales teams work together more effectively to generate and nurture leads, close deals, and measure and optimize their performance.

Some of the key features that make Pardot so valuable include its lead management capabilities, its ease of use, its ability to target and personalize messages, its Integration with Salesforce CRM, and its focus on ROI.

Features of Pardot

  • Lead management
  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Campaign management
  • Social media monitoring and engagement
  • Analytics and reporting


There are a lot of marketing automation tools and platforms on the market, but Marketo is often considered one of the best.

It’s incredibly versatile and can be used for everything from automating email marketing to creating complex drip campaigns.

Marketo also integrates with a lot of other platforms, such as Salesforce, so you can track your leads all the way through the sales process.

And it’s always being updated with new features, so you never have to worry about it becoming outdated.

All in all, it’s a great tool for any business looking to streamline their marketing efforts.

 Features of Marketo

  • Email marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Lead management
  • Marketing programs/lead generation
  • Social marketing
  • Analytics

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the most popular marketing automation tools and platforms out there.

It allows you to easily create and manage your email marketing campaigns, as well as track their progress and results.

Constant Contact also has a wide range of features and integrations that make it an extremely powerful tool for any business.

One of the great things about Constant Contact is that it’s very user-friendly and easy to use.

Even if you’re not a tech-savvy person, you’ll be able to figure out how to use the platform with ease.

Features of Constant Contact

  • Email marketing
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Lead capture forms
  • List segmentation
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Integrations with popular sales and marketing platforms


Slack is a messaging platform that allows teams to communicate with each other in real time.

It’s a great tool for sales teams because it allows them to stay in sync and stay organized, no matter where they are.

Slack also has a lot of features and integrations that make it an extremely powerful tool for sales teams.

Some of the key features include its search function, which allows you to easily find any information you need; its ability to integrate with other tools and platforms, such as Salesforce, Google Drive, and Dropbox; and its user-friendly interface.

Features of Slack

  • Real-time messaging
  • Searchable history
  • Voice and video calls
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing
  • Integrations with over 1,500 apps and services

Engage Bay

Engage Bay is a amazing marketing automation platform that enables businesses to automate their marketing tasks and optimize their marketing performance.

The platform offers a wide range of features, including email marketing, lead management, social media campaigns, and website optimization tools.

Businesses that are looking for an all-in-one marketing automation solution will find that Engage Bay offers the most comprehensive set of features in the market.

The platform is easy to use, making it an ideal choice for businesses that want to automate their marketing without having to deal with complex software.

Features of Engage Bay

  • Email marketing
  • Lead management
  • Social media campaigns
  • Website optimization tools
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Integrations with popular sales and marketing platforms

Freshworks CRM

It provides users with everything they need to manage their customer relationships, from contact lists and pipelines to deals and tasks.

And, it integrates with a variety of other applications to provide a complete solution for businesses of all sizes.

While there are many marketing automation platforms available, Freshworks CRM stands out for its ease of use, comprehensive features, and integration capabilities.

Freshworks CRM also offers a wide range of integrations with other popular software platforms such as Salesforce, Google Apps, Zoho CRM

Features of Freshworks CRM

  • Contact management
  • Lead management
  • Deal management
  • Task management
  • Integrations with popular sales and marketing platforms

Best Marketing Automation Tools & Platforms – Conclusion

 It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to marketing automation.

The seven platforms we’ve highlighted should give you a good place to start, but don’t forget that the best platform for you will vary depending on your business needs and goals.

So take some time to research all of your options before making a decision.

Thanks for reading.

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