Most Popular Business Analysis Techniques

Business Analysis Techniques

Business analysis has taken a paradigm shift in the last decade. The traditional waterfall model has given way to more agile and iterative processes. As a result, the tools and techniques used by business analysts have also evolved. Here are 5 popular business analysis techniques that are being used extensively today: SWOT Analysis A SWOT … Read more

Business Analysis Tools

Business Analysis Tools

Business Analysis tools help analysts and business decision-makers to understand problems and recommend solutions. The type of tool that is best suited for a particular analysis depends on the nature of the problem, the data available, and the analyst’s preferences. Types of Business Analysis Tools The business analysis tools can be broadly classified into the … Read more

What is Business Analysis?

About Business Analysis

If a company plans to make changes or think of improvements to the business, they need to understand what areas need improvement and why. This is where business analysis comes in. Business analysis is the process of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems.  Solutions may include the development of new systems, processes, … Read more