How Much Does YouTube Shorts Pay for 1k Views?

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How Much Does YouTube Shorts Pay for 1k Views

Aspiring YouTubers often ask “how much does YouTube Shorts pay for 1k views?” And while there is no simple answer, I can give you some guidance on what to expect.

Generally speaking, YouTube Shorts pays a lower CPM (cost per thousand views) than other YouTube monetization options like pre-roll ads or sponsorships.

In September 2020, YouTube launched the Shorts Fund, which is designed to support creators who are making Shorts videos on YouTube.

The fund will be distributed based on several factors, including engagement, originality, and creativity.

YouTube Shorts Fund

How Much Does YouTube Shorts Pay for 1k Views

The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100M fund to reward creators for their dedication to making creative, original Shorts that delight the YouTube community. YouTube will reach out to thousands of creators each month to tell them that they qualify for a Shorts bonus from the fund.

If you want to earn money from the YouTube Shorts Fund, you need to make creative, original videos that people will enjoy. You also need to follow YouTube’s rules and policies.

  • You need to have uploaded at least one eligible Short in the last 180 days.
  • You need to obey YouTube’s Community Guidelines, copyright rules, and monetization policies.
  • Channels uploading videos with watermarks or logos from third-party social media platforms, non-original videos (for example, unedited clips from movies or TV shows), or videos reuploaded from other creator’s channels will not be eligible.
  • Creators must be 13 years old or older in the United States, or the age of majority in their country/region.
  • Creators 13–18 years old must have a parent or guardian accept terms and set up an AdSense account for payment when one isn’t already linked to their channel.

How do I qualify for the Shorts Fund?

Every month, YouTube will tell creators how much money they can get from the Shorts Fund.

The amount of money you get will depend on how many people watch your shorts in that month.

Your shorts will count each month people watch them, not just the month they were uploaded.

There is no specific performance level you need to meet to get the bonus.

The level of performance needed to qualify for a bonus payment may change from month to month based on different factors, like where your viewers are from and how Shorts is doing overall.

Your channel’s shorts performance is reviewed every month. You may qualify one month but not the next.

How will I know I qualify for the Shorts Fund?

Creators will be notified by email and in the YouTube app if they qualify for a bonus.

The email and notification will include how much the bonus is and instructions on how to claim it.

Qualifying creators should receive these notifications soon after the first week of the month. They will have until the 25th of each month to claim their bonus, or it may expire.

How much can I get from the Shorts Fund?

You can get between $100-$10,000 each month from qualifying channels.

The amount you get depends on where your audience is located. You will need to follow other AdSense policies in order to receive payment.

How do I claim my Shorts bonus from the Shorts Fund?

To claim your bonus from the Shorts Fund, you need to go to the Shorts Fund page in YouTube Studio.

On this page, you will need to accept the bonus terms and set up or link an AdSense account.

If you have an active and linked AdSense account, or if you receive payment from an MCN or network, your bonus will be claimed after completing these two steps.

If you set up an AdSense account, it may take a few days for YouTube to create and link the AdSense account to your channel.

They’ll email you once the account is linked, and confirm whether your bonus has been claimed.

When will I get paid from the YouTube Shorts Fund?

Creators who have a linked AdSense account can expect to receive payment 4-6 weeks from the time they claim the bonus. If you don’t have an AdSense account linked to your channel, you will be asked to sign up for AdSense or link an existing account.

For example, if you create a new short in January that qualifies for a bonus payment, your AdSense account will be credited with that payment in March.

YouTube reviews Shorts channel performance for January and tells qualifying creators in early February if they qualify for a bonus payment.

Then on February 25th, creators must claim their bonus and link an AdSense account to their channel or their bonus may expire.

How Much Does YouTube Shorts Pay for 1k Views – My Final Words

YouTube has already said that you can get between $100-$10,000 each month from qualifying channels. For every 1000 views, you could get a different amount of money depending upon the number of ads displayed on your YouTube shorts when someone clicks your shorts videos from the YouTube’s regular feed/suggestions.

Also, YouTube has not implemented any ad strategy on Shorts till the date. Because of this, many creators are not able to generate any revenue from their Shorts videos when people scroll under the Shorts tab of the YouTube app.

But YouTube still pays when your shorts videos show up on feed and some one clicks and watches your shorts videos, then there may be chance that YouTube will show ad before your actual video.

These ad revenues will be counted in your Adsense analytics and will be sent to your bank account monthly.

In order to show ads on your YouTube shorts videos, your channel should be properly monetized with 1k subscribers and 4k public watch hours. This does not include the watch hours of your shorts videos.

That said, some creators have been able to make money from YouTube Shorts by partnering with brands and promoting products through product placements or affiliate links.

If you’re interested in pursuing this option, I recommend reaching out to brands that you think would be a good fit for your channel and seeing if they’re interested in working with you.

Alternatively, you could also try to sell merchandise related to your YouTube Shorts videos. This could be things like t-shirts, mugs, or other branded items.

If you go down this route, I recommend using a platform like Teespring or Merch by Amazon to set up and manage your merchandise store.

I hope this answers your question! Good luck with your YouTube Shorts videos.

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